Transforming user led disability services in South East London


Announcement from Greenwich Association of Disabled People (GAD) and Lewisham Disability Coalition (LDC)


Greenwich Association of Disabled People (GAD) and Lewisham Disability Coalition (LDC)  have been looking at how we can make sure the services we provide are protected and sustained through the years ahead. Our vision is of a society where disabled people can participate equally as full citizens.


Charities today face many challenges. There is less funding available from Councils and lots of competition for other funding sources. There have also been big changes and challenges in the way health and social care is being funded, planned and delivered in our communities.


LDC and GAD feel that the best way to serve the interests of local disabled people is to join together, as one stronger organisation led by disabled people. We think this is an exciting and innovative opportunity to build on the best of both organisations and create something genuinely new while preserving our core principles.


By reducing overheads and speaking with a single voice we believe one charity can deliver more for disabled people than two. We aim to have a title that reflects disabled led services in Greenwich and Lewisham.


We want to protect services for local disabled people and continue providing them to the highest quality we can.


Both LDC and GAD are consulting with our members and stakeholders and working with Lewisham and Greenwich Councils. We have to do a lot of work to make sure our plans are the best way to provide services for local disabled people and that we follow Charity and Company rules. We are still at the discussion stage at present.


We will send out more information as work progresses. Meanwhile, if you have any queries about our plans, please contact GAD or LDC through our usual enquiries emails.  For LDC this is

Joanne Munn, CEO and the Trustees of GAD

Roz Hardie, Director and the Trustees of LDC


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